Home education sessions

*NEW FOR 2018*

New drop-in bushcraft sessions for home educators and their children on Wednesdays during term-time, 1.00-2.30pm in Wendover Woods. Starts 28th February 2018.

We will guide your children through essential bushcraft knowledge and skills – e.g. find out about the trees, plants and animals in the woods, learn different ways to make fire when your matches are wet and how to manage a fire, making cordage from natural materials, safe knifework and carving projects and all complimented by appreciation of how these have been used over the centuries.

Children will also learn to appreciate going slow and taking time to achieve their aims, learning to work alongside others and get a regular immersion in nature, which helps with a general sense of wellbeing.

  • Cost is £5 per child per week on a pay as you go basis
  • Aimed at children aged 5 and up (speak to us about suitability of the programme).
  • Children will start the year with a bushcraft logbook which they will complete as they continue to attend (see below or download here)
  • The regular meeting place will be in the free barbecue area south of the car park.

bushcraft curriculum