School visits

If you’re studying Stone Age to Iron Age Britain, what better way to learn than to be out in the woods living like Stone Age people or visit a real Iron Age hillfort?

Children will experience 500 and 5000 BC when they come to Wendover Woods, and get to compare the Stone Age with the Iron Age.

You will spend half the day in the Mesolithic, around 5000 BC. In the woods, you will learn how to build shelters, make fire and cordage and make flint tools.

In the other half of the day you will scoot forward in time to 500 BC, the Iron Age, take a tour of a Boddington hillfort and then come back to the homestead to do some chores, like grinding grain on a quern, making butter and braiding wool. You’ll finish the day with recreating an attack on the hillfort with slingshot (grapes!)


  • One class, full day £250
  • Two or three classes, full day £450

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